D-alpha Tocopherol

Natural D-alpha Tocopherol Acetate Manufacturer

D-Alpha Tocopherol is the only compound that preferentially absorbed and accumulated in the human body. It also meets the Recommended Dietary Allowance, or RDA of vitamin E. Thus the D-Alpha Tocopherol is majorly used as a Dietary supplement. It is available in various forms like Soft Gel Capsules/ Tablets/ Liquids/ Powders, etc. It is beneficial to both humans as well as animals.

Matrix Fine Sciences is one of the few D- Alpha Tocopherol Manufacturers who produce the compound from Soy and Sunflower Source. The Sunflower based D Alpha Tocopherol is rapidly gaining popularity due to its Non Allergen properties. The low viscosity and high concentrations make our product ideal for soft gel capsules form in which it is sold.

Alpha Tocopherol is so prevalent in the human body. it is the only one acknowledged to meet the Recommended Dietary Allowance, or RDA of vitamin E and the highest measurable amount of biological activity in body. It is only available as an individual compound. The other seven members of Vitamin E (3 tocopherol & 4 Tocotrienols) are available only as mixture.

Our product with low viscosity and high concentrations make D-Alpha Tocopherol ideal for soft gel capsules.

Available Concentrations:

  • NATURALL-e™ SO-D 1000IU
  • NATURALL-e™ SF-D 750IU
  • NATURALL-e™ SO-D 1100IU
  • NATURALL-e™ SF-D 900IU
  • NATURALL-e™ SO-D 1200IU
  • NATURALL-e™ SF-D 1000IU