Matrix introduces NATURALL-e™

Matrix with its substantial growth over last 5 years becomes one of the leading companies for Natural Vitamin E Manufacturing in the world now introduces NATURALL-e™ series with different sources and various concentrations.

NATURALL-e™ is Natural Vitamin E (Tocopherol) which is a multifunctional and Nutritional product used widely in variety of applications. NATURALL-e™ and It’s derivative serves potential benefits in Food, Feed, Nutra, Pharma and Cosmetics due to its high Antioxidant properties.

NATURALL-e™ SF series are from Sunflower and niche being Non Allergen in nature.

NATURALL-e™ is manufactured under facility certified by Cert ID -Non GMO , ISO 22000, Halal, Kosher, Ecocert Cosmos.

Quality and safety guarantee has always been a key factor to Matrix. The co-operation with famous Universities and international laboratories enables us to check thoroughly. Our products are well within EU norms for Solvent Residue , Pesticides , PAHs , Dioxins etc. which are of major concern today.

Phytosterol shows health benefits in prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Phytosterol has a potential in reducing cholesterol levels and hence prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Matrix produces Natural refined Phytosterol from both soy and sunflower.

The recommended daily intake of 2-3 gms of Phytosterols reduces cholesterol absorption by 30-40% and LDL-cholesterol by 10-15% on average. Elevated triglyceride levels are a risk factor for CVD and Phytosterol reduces triglyceride by 14% this can lower 20 percent risk of heart attack or stroke.

This is a best-selling product today in Pharma which is also used in food to add value to health. Some of these foods are like granola bars and yogurt which are being fortified with Phytosterols.

Matrix with its expansion plans would cater to majority of Food and Pharma industries with its high quality refined phytosterols.

Vitamin E from Sunflower grants “Non Allergen, GMO free and Soy free” tag.

Matrix is one of the few companies in the world to manufacture Natural Vitamin E from Sunflower. The biggest advantage of having this product is being Non Allergen and hence grants to tag products as “Non Allergen” and “Soy free”. Second, since Sunflower crop has never been genetically modified, it remains GMO free and hence companies specially in Europe and US have now big demand for this product.

Matrix’s Naturall-e SF is D alpha Tocopherol- sunflower which is majorly used as a Dietary supplement in Soft Gel Capsules/ Tablets/ Liquids/ Powders, etc with ingredients imparting medical or health benefits.

Matrix Collaborates with UICT for Stability Data of Sunflower Oil at various temp using Synthetic and Natural Vitamin E

Matrix is in manufacturing of pure Natural products. With the increasing awareness of Natural products in consumers, Matrix has successfully developed a good demand for its Natural products in the market.

Matrix along with UICT Mumbai has recently concluded a comparative study of Natural Vitamin E and Synthetic Antioxidant TBHQ on Sunflower Edible oil. The study was conducted by Dr. Jyotsna Waghmare and Ms Asma Fakir, Department of Oils, Oleochemicals & Surfactants Technology, UICT Mumbai.

In the induction times for TBHQ and Natural Mixed Tocopherol in sunflower oil shows that , At 800ppm concentration, Natural Mixed Tocopherol exhibited activity significantly higher than that of other concentration of Natural Mixed Tocopherol in oil. Similarly 200ppm TBHQ in sunflower oil exhibited activity significantly higher than that of Natural Mixed Tocopherol. This demonstrates that 200 ppm of TBHQ could be replaced by 800 ppm of Natural Mixed Tocopherol.

This means Natural Mixed Tocopherol could replace synthetic antioxidants successfully.

With the above advantages of Natural Antioxidants, Matrix aims to enter very strongly in the Indian and international market for replacing the synthetic antioxidants with Natural Tocopherol in Edible oils, Essential oils, Packed foods, Cosmetics etc.

Matrix expands its Capacity, diversifying its range of products

With the successful completion of 5 yrs of business with 200 Mt of Raw material processing Matrix now intents to expand its capacity by 800 Mts in FY 2016-17.

With increasing demand of Natural Vitamin E and Natural Phytosterols, It’s important to have more capacity to cater upcoming market for the products. Matrix is 100% Non GMO, 100% Natural and will always be in Natural products only, focusing on quality & international standards. Matrix is not only winning the trust of its customers but also became a preferred supplier worldwide.

Our Strategy is to have more and similar range of products to give a new horizon for further developments. With the existing capacity, We plan to manufacture Tocopherol acetate, Tocopherol succinate and Tocopherol powder catering to variety of applications in Food, Feed, Pharma, Nutra and Cosmetics.

we believe in transparent business practices and continuous growth along with the vendors, customers and our employees.

The strong project planning and clear vision will lead Matrix to one of the top 5 companies of Vitamin E in the world.