Natural Antioxidant Synthetic Antioxidant
Natural antioxidant like Mixed Tocopherols are derived from natural sources like soya & sunflower deodorizer distillates. Synthetic antioxidants are synthetically prepared in laboratories & are basically chemicals.
Natural Mixed Tocopherols provide great nutritional value along with its main function of anti-oxidation Synthetic antioxidant don’t provide any nutritional value while performing their function as antioxidant
Natural Mixed Tocopherols does not have any side effects & has GRAS status by FDA Synthetic antioxidant are known to have many side effects.
Mixed Tocopherols are increasingly being used as in all countries worldwide as it is safe & natural. Many synthetic antioxidants are banned in Europe, Japan as there are many evidence pointing them as carcinogenic.

D-Alpha Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E) DL-Alpha Tocopherol (Synthetic Vitamin E)
It is extracted from natural sources like Soya & Sunflower. It is chemically prepared in labs from chemicals namely Isophytol and trimethylhydroquinone.
It is made of one single isomer (molecular structure) which is recognized by the human & animal body. It is made of 8 different isomers (molecular structure) out of which 7 forms are not recognized and excreted from the body.
Bio-Availability of D-Alpha tocopherol is 100% to the human body. DL-Alpha tocopherol has only 12.5% Bio-Availability in comparison to Natural form.
D-Alpha tocopherol is recognized by α-TTP (alpha tocopherol transfer protein), a special transfer protein present in liver, which readily puts d-alpha tocopherol in human blood & tissues. DL-Alpha tocopherol is mostly ignored by α-TTP transfer protein due to its 7 unrecognized forms & hence is not readily put in blood & human tissues.
D-Alpha tocopherol shows significant Bio-activity in Human tissues & cells. DL-Alpha tocopherol shows very less bio-activity in Human tissues & cells.
Availability of D-Alpha tocopherol in pregnant woman to her child is three times more than synthetic form. DL-Alpha tocopherol availability in pregnant woman to her child is only 1/3rd as compared to Natural form.
D-Alpha tocopherol is retained in human blood & tissues for longer time & duration. DL-Alpha tocopherol is excreted 3 times faster than Natural form which shows body get rid of synthetic form as soon as possible.