Natural Tocotrienols Manufacturer (Tocotrienol Rich Fraction)

Tocotrienols high antioxidative property is due to its unique polyunsaturated molecular structure. Each isomer of Tocotrienols also has its own unique structure conferring the special benefits it can provide for the human body. Therefore, it is crucial for an effective Vitamin E supplementation program to include the full spectrum of all four Tocotrienols isomers and Alpha Tocopherol.

Tocotrienol Rich Fraction (TRF) derived from palm oil containing all four naturally occurring Tocotrienol Isomers and the Alpha Tocopherol Isomer.

It is used as an Effective Antioxidant especially in Nutraceutical applications, skin benefits, brain health. Tocotrienol has proven efficacy to lower blood cholesterol levels even in small doses and helps promote healthy cellular growth and function.

Matrix manufactures this product on campaign basis.