SunDizel biodiesel is a efficient and environment friendly substitute of petroleum diesel & fossil fuel.
The main benefit is that it is 'Carbon Neutral' since it does not result in contribution of fossil carbon being released into the atmosphere.
It is also used as a bio-solvent in Adhesive, Pesticide, Coating, and Paint industries.

Distilled Fatty Acids

Polyunsaturated Distilled Fatty Acids are liquids or soft solids, containing a mixed composition of acids reflecting the parent oil or fat. We offer a range of MATRACID which are used as an important intermediate product in oleochemistry.
They are raw materials for the production of household, industrial and toilet soaps, heavy duty liquid detergents, nonsiccative alkyd resins, lubricating agents and other allied industries.
Derived from oils such as Sunflower and Soya, they react with air to form a film or coating and for this reason, they are used in the production of paints, inks, and special surface cleaning soaps.