Naturall-e CosmoActive is a blend of Natural Vitamin E, plant sterols and squalene derived from 100% Non-GMO oilseed source, which together shows active antioxidant & nourishing properties. Naturall-e CosmoActive is an excellent replacement to commonly used synthetic Vitamin E (dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate /Vitamin E Acetate) & provides complete Natural Vitamin E cosmetic solution in skin care, hair care & various other cosmetological & dermatological applications.

Naturall-e CosmoActive contains not less than 500 mg/g of total Tocopherol molecules of which minimum 82% are Non-Alpha Tocopherol molecules (Beta, Gamma & Delta Tocopherols) which shows highest antioxidant activity. Total Natural Vitamin E content is 50%. Naturall-e CosmoActive is a one-stop solution for all Cosmetic & Personal Care Vitamin E formulation requirements and aptly delivers true benefits of Vitamin E.



Cosmetics & Personal Care

Our mixed tocopherol, a form of Natural Vitamin E formulation, is an essential ingredient in maintaining skin and hair quality and is the best quality for topical care applications. It prevents skin and hair from free radical damage caused by harmful UV rays and pollution.






Organic Compliant


Non GMO IP Cerified


100% Natural

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