Frequently Asked Questions

Tocopherols are a class of organic chemical compounds which have Vitamin E activity. Types of tocopherol are α- tocopherol; β- tocopherol; ϒ- tocopherol and Ω- tocopherol.
Natural vitamins are derived from plant sources and artificial vitamins are derived from various chemicals, mostly petrochemicals.
Moreover, for other vitamins like A, B, C, D, K; our body assimilates both natural and synthetic forms of these vitamins almost similarly. However, when it comes to Vitamin E, there is a special transfer protein present in human liver called α- TTP (alpha- tocopherol transfer protein) which preferentially binds with natural Vitamin E and introduces it in our blood stream to make it available for absorption by the body tissues. But when it comes to synthetic Vitamin E, α- TTP can only recognize one out of its eight total forms. The other seven are then excreted by the body.

Hence, Natural Vitamin E has 100% bio- potency i.e. availability to the body as compared to synthetic Vitamin E who has a bio- potency of 12.5%.
One of the main problems with Genetic Engineering is that the process of inserting genes into the DNA of a food plant (gene modification) is random; scientists have no idea where the genes might land up.
This can disrupt the functioning of other genes and create novel proteins that never have been in the food supply chain and could create toxins and allergens in foods.
After showing their antioxidant property, it is converted to harmful products which start accumulating in the body.
This accumulation over a long period of time causes allergic reactions, dermatitis, asthma and in extreme cases, cancers and tumors.
Oxidation is a continuous & ongoing process. Once oxidation process sets in it can’t be reversed. Hence Natural Mixed Tocopherol should be added right in the beginning of any product formulation so that it shows its antioxidant effect from the beginning itself. Natural Mixed Tocopherol is fairly heat stable at high temperatures in the range 80°C - 100°C. However as with any other substance its molecular concentration would start reducing with extended heat exposure time. Hence suitable overage dose can be added to maintain concentration of Tocopherol in those products which are exposed to heat.