Natural Phytosterol

Natural Phytosterol is obtained from 100% Non-GMO oilseed source and contains Beta-Sitosterol along with Stigmasterol, Campesterol & small amounts of other sterols.

In the Food industry, it is primarily used as functional food ingredient to reduce LDL cholesterol (Bad Cholesterol) level in blood.

In the Pharmaceutical industry, Phytosterols are used as Pre-cursor or starting raw material in the production of 4AD (4-Androstenediol) Hormone & other therapeutic steroid hormones by microbial transformation. Phytosterols functions in cosmetics include skin-conditioning agents, hair conditioning agents, viscosity increasing agents & as skin protectant.

Brand Form Source Grade Application GMO Certification
PhytoLite Powder / Granules Soy / Sunflower 90% , 95% Human Nutrition, Dietary Supplement, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Personal Care Certified

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